4 Lessons Learned From Lego

4 Lessons Learned From Lego: "Everything is Awesome!"

 St. Dominic Fine Arts School has a warm and generous feel to it. The community has been very welcoming to me and I feel the strong ties that run through every aspect of the school environment.
 It is hard to know where to start when you are joining such a closely linked community in expressing your hopes for everyone, especially the children in our care.
Of course, I went to Lego when seeking a way to put the pieces together (pun totally intended).

When I look forward as to what can be accomplished as a school community, it can be summed up in the simplicity of Lego.

Lego Lesson 1:  

It is amazing to see the multitude of perspectives that staff and students come up with when looking at the same issue, or different products generated when using the same tool. 
For instance, if we look at the role technology plays in this, it has been a privilege to see students using devices in so many unique ways and displaying their learning on levels never before imagined. The same devices, Web 2.0 Tools or Apps rarely yield the same results when students are allowed to approach tasks with their own individual perspectives. It have enjoyed watching Mrs. Mirosevic's Music students creating Movie videos, dance routines and songs using our iPads. It was also a joy to see Mrs. Yu's students demonstrating their learning with the Pic Collage App and our Grade 6 students establishing ePortfolios through Blogging. Keep thinking in diverse ways everyone and push the boundaries of your learning!
This sense of yielding different results with the same tools also applies to student Artwork, Drama, Movie Making, Physical Literacy and more, as everyone's passions and talents come to life. Their experiences and perspectives shape the final products in diverse and engaging ways.
No two approaches to any task seems the same and the diversity in results click together to give us a colourful myriad of how our staff and students think... and that's awesome!

Lego Lesson 2: 

If students begin to focus on Growth Mindset and the fact that intelligence can be continually developed, it is always the goal for our staff and students to believe in themselves and continue to "grow their brains." Since intelligence is not static, this gives way to allowing all of us to be special in our own way, so long as we believe this is possible. 
Student driven learning can also be a means to this end, since it encourages our students to explore and develop a sense of confidence. Once they figure out their unique abilities, they can begin to believe that they are special. 
Never stop believing that you are special in your own way!

Lego Lesson 3: 

Every single one of the staff, parents and students in our school community are talented and extraordinary. I have been privileged to be witness to this and I am in awe of the potential that lies ahead in each of you. 
We speak to our students about "being the change you want to see in the world" and my hope for all of them is that they use their unique talents to create positive change and never fear it. 
Each of us is like a Lego Brick coming together to create a truly special final product... a loving, innovative and dynamic school community.
Be extraordinary and bring change!

Lego Lesson 4:

When I think of each and every one of you, be you parent, staff, or student, I see endless possibilities because no two individuals are alike...and that's awesome.
My hope for you, as we begin our journey together, is that you see the same limitless possibilities in each other and take time to nourish and encourage that, so that everyone can flourish in their own unique ways.
Like a brick in a Lego world, each and every one of you has potential, and the possibilities to create something special are endless.

Well, we have started down a road together as a school community with potential for allowing students to drive their learning in unique, innovative ways.

Everything has definitely been awesome at St. Dominic Fine Arts School since my beginning here. Keep on being AWESOME!

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